Freebie Jeebies

In an attempt to drum up a little bit of interest and give back to all those people (all three of you) who have "supported" me for these past five years, I wanted to put up a free short story collection on Amazon. Then I remembered that Amazon doesn't allow "free" (or under $.99) anymore. So I tried to put it up at Smashwords. Then I discovered that Smashwords fucking suuuuuuuuuuuucks the cock at allowing you to upload cleanly formatted e-books and, instead, forces you to upload .doc files formatted to their fucked up standard that is no way for a normal human being to have to type anything, which is then badly formatted into e-book formats I already made. So fuck them.

Giving up hope on rational human beings allowing me to put up a free e-book (without charging me anything for the privilege), I have thrown up here on my website that nobody looks at the fruit of my labors, The Charles Whitman Sampler, containing five short stories totaling around 15,000 words of reading for you. Or, in all likelihood, 250 words of reading, followed by 14,750 words of Recycling Bin.

I hope someone enjoys and, if not, at least I only wasted about 10 hours of my life dicking around with e-book formatting.

Update Of Minor Merit!

I briefly stopped being super-lazy and the Kindle version of The Big Rusty Lie has finally been fixed and updated to look all pretty on all the fine Kindle devices. Please enjoy with my compliments and, those who already have it, update it to be all fancy if you're smarter than me and can figure out how to do that.

(Thanks, Amazon, for making a device that's as difficult as possible to use. Good thing it's not mine, otherwise I'd throw it through a window.)

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